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Solör Bioenergi acquires Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden AB 

On September 30, Solör Bioenergi AB acquired 100 % of the shares in Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden AB from the company Stortorget Assets AB. The purchase includes heating facilities in two growing ski resorts, Kungsberget north of Stockholm and Branäs in northwest of Sweden.

– Since 2018, Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden AB has been part of the exciting development in Kungsberget and Branäs, partly through the expansion and development of Kungsberget’s district heating, partly through the construction of a geothermal energy plant in Branäs. It has been an exciting time that has taken the company to a new phase with expansion of the network and production in very good cooperation with the Branäs group. Stortorget Assets AB chooses now to sell to Solör in order to give the company the best possible conditions to continue its successful expansion into the future, says Albert Elfström, investment partner in Stortorget Assets.

The largest part of the acquisition is the one in Kungsberget. The facility has a wood chip boiler that supplies cottages, apartments and commercial properties in the area with heat. The annual delivery amounts to 4 GWh. With the acquisition, Solör also gets responsibility for the geothermal heat pump that is located on top of Branäsberget and which supplies Soltorget’s properties with heat. Solör Bioenergi has been established in Branäs for a long time since the company provides homes, hotels and other commercial properties in Branäsbyn with district heating.

– We already have a good collaboration with Branäsgruppen and we see it as very positive that our delivery to them is now increasing. Solör Bioenergi will continue to operate the facilities in the same spirit as the previous owners and deliver stable heat with high quality, says Johan Lagerqvist, Portfolio and Business Manager Energy within Solör Bioenergi.

For more information contact:
Johan Lagerqvist, Portfolio and Business Manager Energy Solör Bioenergi, 070-429 35 56
Anders Pettersson, MD Solör Bioenergi District Heating, 070-491 55 95
Pär Westborg, Marketing Manager Solör Bioenergi, 076-777 76 72

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