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Solør Bioenergy Group – Change in the main shareholder’s ownership structure

The main shareholder of Solør Bioenergy Group (SBG) in Sweden, BE Bio Energy Group (BEG) in Switzerland, announced today its purchase of Socael AS shares in BEG.

BEG announced today its purchase of all Socael’s shares in BEG.

Socael has been an important financial investor in BEG during the last 10 years and has been instrumental for the successful development of the wood-based bio energy business in the Group.

Over the last 10 years SBG has developed its bio energy business from having one plant in Norway to having more than 140 bioenergy district heating plants mainly in Sweden and Norway.

We thank Socael for its contribution as a strategic investor in the early phase of developing the growth strategy of the Group, which has turned SBG into a leading renewable district heating bio energy company in the Nordic region.

The parties have agreed not to disclose any further details of this transaction. 13th of June 2019

For information please contact:
Martinus Brandal
Chairman & CEO, Solør Bioenergy Group
+47(0)91 63 00 60

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Solør Bioenergy Group

Solør Bioenergy Group provides essential energy services primarily in Sweden, Norway and Poland. The Group produces wood-based bioenergy for the public and private sector including private households, municipalities, industrial customers and local/regional governments. As a leading bioenergy company, the Group is operating in the entire value chain from procurement, production and distribution to sale of energy in form of district heating, local heat, industrial steam, electricity and various biomass products. Within the Group’s operations, there are 56 central district heating plants, 86 local district heating plants, 3 environmental terminals, 4 pellet plants and 1 briquette plant. The annual energy delivery amounts to approximately 2.5 TWh and the Group has approximately 8,800 customers and the equivalent of 156 500 users. The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.