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Solør Bioenergi in Norway expands and buys Ringerike Bioenergi AS

Solør Bioenergi has, through its company Solør Bioenergi Varme AS, entered into an agreement to buy the shares in Ringerike Bioenergi AS. Ringerike Bioenergi owns and operates a district heating plant at Helgelandsmoen in Hole municipality that supplies Helgelandsmoen Næringspark with approximately 4 GWh of renewable bioheat annually. The current owners have built a robust facility and provided Helgelandsmoen with renewable and uninterrupted heat since the start in 2006. Solør Bioenergi now wants to take over the investment and develop the business further in close cooperation with the business park and local authorities.

Since its start in 2003, Solør Bioenergi has developed to become a leader in renewable energy in Norway and Sweden and today has more than 2.5 Twh in total energy deliveries. For the Norwegian part of the business, the head office is in Kirkenær.

– With the acquisition of the facility at Helgelandsmoen, Solør Bioenergi strengthens its investment in the Ringerik region. We look forward to supporting continued development of the area at the business park on Helgelandsmoen by offering sustainable and renewable heating solutions. The investment in district heating has been – and is – very important to reach overall climate goals. In addition, district heating contributes to relieving the load on the electricity grid, which in turn reduces society’s investment needs, and frees up a lot of electricity capacity for more appropriate purposes than heating, says Hans M. Moss, chairman of Solør Bioenergi Varme AS.

As representative of the selling shareholders in Ringerike Bioenergi AS, Elling Tuft expresses satisfaction that it is industrial and long-term owners who will develop the business further.

– The establishment and development of the facility has been an extensive side business for the current owners. We see that it is time for a professional player to take over the responsibility for further development. The daily operation of the plant continues with the same high delivery reliability as before and we are very satisfied with that, says Tuft at Ringerike Bioenergi.

For more information contact 
Elling Tuft, Ringerike Bioenergi, +47 959 27 300
Hans M. Moss, Solør Bioenergi AS +47 900 87 225
Pär Westborg, marketing manager Solör Bioenergi, +46 76 777 76 72

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Solör Bioenergy Group is a leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels with 600,000 users every day. The company has 271 locations in Sweden and Norway in particular, where they produce and distribute district heating, steam and electricity to homes, companies, public businesses, and industries. The business also includes energy recycling of impregnated wood and production of biofuel, as well as operation and maintenance of municipal and private VA facilities. By making use of the forest’s resources, Solör Bioenergi wants to pave the way for a sustainable society with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.