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Solör Bioenergi Holding AB finalizes refinancing

Reference is made to Solör Bioenergi Holding AB’s (the “Company”) previous stock exchange announcements regarding its refinancing. The Solør Bioenergy Group has today closed the refinancing of its entire debt. The Company has today repaid its NOK 650 million senior secured bond issue 2012/2017 with ISIN NO 001 0662356 (the ”NOK Bond”) and its SEK […]

NOK 650 million bond – ISIN NO 001 0662356 and the SEK 950 million bond – ISIN SE 0005999687

Reference is made to Solör Bioenergi Holding AB’s previous stock exchange announcements regarding the Nordic Bioenergy Infrastructure AS transaction. Solør Bioenergi Holding AS has today completed the acquisition of all outstanding shares in Nordic Bioenergy Infrastructure AS. About Solør Bioenergy Group Solør Bioenergy Group comprises bioenergy companies which are providing essential energy services in Sweden, […]

Solör Bioenergi Holding AB secures new financing and redemption of bonds

Reference is made to Solör Bioenergi Holding AB’s (the ”Company”) stock exchange announcements regarding the offer to purchase Nordic Bioenergy Infrastructure AS (the ”Acquisition”). As mentioned in the stock exchange announcement dated 23 March 2017, the Acquisition is contingent upon several conditions, including financing. “Solör Bioenergi Holding AB has today signed an agreement for a […]

Notice of Early Voluntary Redemption

Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ) (the “Company”) hereby gives notice to all holders of the Company’s SEK 950,000,000 senior secured floating rate bonds due 2019 with ISIN SE0005999687 (the “Bonds”) of its exercise of the early voluntary redemption option in relation to the total outstanding principal amount of the Bonds in accordance with condition 11.3 […]

Nordic Bioenergy Infrastructure AS’ shareholders accept offer

Solør Bioenergy has offered the shareholders of Nordic Bioenergy Infrastructure AS NOK 28.75 per share in the company. The offer has been accepted today by an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting in Nordic Bioenergy Infrastructure AS. Solør Bioenergi Holding AS (the Offeror), a wholly owned subsidiary of Solör Bioenergi Holding AB (publ), announced a conditional offer to […]

Summons to Written Procedure SEK Bond

This voting request for procedure in writing has been sent on 16 March 2017 to Bondholders directly registered in the debt register (Sw. skuldbok) kept by Euroclear Sweden AB as of 15 March 2017. If you are an authorised nominee under the Swedish Financial Instruments Accounts Act or if you otherwise are holding Bonds on […]

Press release Summons to Bondholders meeting

Summons to bondholders’ meeting/written procedure  – proposals to include early redemption right in the NOK 650 million bond – ISIN NO 001 0662356 and the SEK 950 million bond – ISIN SE 0005999687 As earlier communicated through Solör Bioenergi Holding AB’s (the ”Company”) stock exchange announcements dated 14 November 2016 and 15 November 2016, the Company has for a period been working on a refinancing plan for the Company’s NOK 650 million senior secured bond issue 2012/2017 with ISIN NO 001 0662356 (the ”NOK Bond”) and the Company’s SEK 950 million senior secured bond issue 2014/2019 with ISIN SE 000 5999687 (the ”SEK Bond”). The refinancing process is now well advanced and closing is expected to take place mid‐April, however no later than 31 May 2017. The Company intends to refinance all its existing bond and bank debt through a syndicate of infrastructure banks and other financing providers and will provide the Company with a sustainable long‐term capital structure going forward. In order to facilitate the refinancing, the Company is proposing to the holders of the NOK Bond and the holders of the SEK Bond to include an early redemption option at 100% of face value of the bonds in the NOK Bond and the SEK Bond, respectively. The refinancing is conditional upon inter alia final agreements, required corporate resolutions in the Company, required consents from the finance syndicate and the Company obtaining an early redemption option for both the NOK Bond and the SEK Bond. The Company has received pre‐approvals and voting undertakings to vote in favour of the proposed early redemption from a majority of the holders of the NOK Bond and from holders representing over 2/3rds of the SEK Bond. Further information on the Company’s proposals to the holders of the NOK Bond and the holders of the SEK Bond may be found in the attached summons to the bondholders’ meeting/written procedure. Stockholm, 16 March 2017 Contact: Daniel Jilkén, CLO Phone +41 76 761 27 90, email Download PDF